What is VR?

Is VR, or Virtual Reality, a difficult concept to understand? You may think, yes but I’d wager that you can come to understand it in as little as three minutes. Let me explain. Virtual Reality is an interactive computer-generated simulation, and it incorporates auditory and visual sensory input as well as haptic response, haptic meaning our sense of touch. The worlds created can be as mundane as a walk down the street to as fantastical as the surface of Titan, one of Jupiter’s moons. VR allows us to experience the realities that we have seen in the movies or read about in fantasy or science fiction stories. It can even allow us to experience things we have only seen through a telescope or even a microscope.

The current level of VR technology requires the participant to wear a headset which allows them to interact within the virtual world they find themselves. The headset contains two small, but extremely high-quality screens that sit in front of each eye which then provides the user with the perception of a full field of view just like in “normal” reality. They can then manipulate the world with two controller and or wands that have buttons which allows them to, “pick up” or “grab” objects in the virtual space, these wands also vibrate and respond to the virtual world around them. The next generation of controllers will even track individual finger movements! We look forward to having those as soon as they are available.

VR is on the cusp of changing the very way we do everything, not just game. I can see a time in the not so distant future where surgeons, nuclear physicists, and even scientists will be able to strap on a headset and gloves that track the individual movements of each hand all the way down to the very last knuckle on their pinky. I know this because I’ve seen the prototypes in action! I’ve watched demonstrations of gloves that contain hundreds of individual air bladders that simulate the sensation of touch and seen resistance bands on each finger apply the proper resistance to the user’s hands to give the precise feeling of grip in the virtual world. The world of Ready Player One isn’t as far off as you may think.

We at the LedgeVR are believers in all things VR and we know that comes through in what we have built here in Madisonville. We wanted to create the premier place to experience this nascent but up-and-coming entertainment technology in a comfortable, clean and safe environment. Our staff’s mission is to make sure your mind is blown!

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