Minecraft at The LedgeVR

Minecraft in VR is here! We have two servers up and running for our customers to log in and start building away. To play from home, all you need is a copy of the Minecraft: Java Edition (PC) and the Vivecraft NonVR-2D client! You can pick the client up right here. https://t.co/0xRnaNVngZ

Once you have that installed and ready to go just add a server at the address theledgevr.hopto.org:25565 (survival server) and theledgevr.hopto.org:25566 (creative server). These servers are still in a beta test and will be rolled in the future. Mods, block sets, and endgame quests will be coming soon.

When you want to come check out your creation in VR just come on down to the ledge and book time on a station, and we can get you in Minecraft in Virtual Reality where you can explore the world you have built and shaped.

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