ABC Paint

ABC Paint is a simple Multiplayer VR drawing experience that anyone can start using in seconds. Randomized funny heads for players. Draw on your friends’ head or paint them a stick figure body. The non-violent nature and ease of use makes the game suitable for even the youngest of players as their first step into VR.

The game takes inspiration from real life painting scenarios, presenting the player with a paint brush in one hand and the painter’s palette in the other.
All interactions are strictly touch-based, the only controller buttons to press are the trigger and the touchpad.

The user can choose between different bright colors and brush sizes, undo steps or clear the whole artwork and even draw on other player’s fun heads. Every interaction also has auditory feedback.
Users can also use teleportation to move around in a small area, which allows them to view the drawings from a distance and also to enable users to create big drawings.

With VR arcade use in mind, the game has no complex in-game menus or overly complicated options nor an exit button that could be pressed accidentally.
Some rudimentary admin controls are available – press ESC to close the game, S to start single player and M to start multiplayer.

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Developer: Futuruum VR
Released: 01/24/2020
Genre: Art