Traffic Cop

This game transports you back to the 1950s and puts you on duty as the local traffic cop smack dab in the middle of a busy intersection!

Work against the clock to keep traffic flowing through the intersection efficiently and effectively.

Implement an action plan for the cars traveling at different speeds to avoid collisions and minimize delays.

Find alternative solutions to deal with road rage. Drivers in traffic jams may become unpredictable, blowing through the intersection or even throwing things at you. And, just in case you find a burger flying towards your face, you can always duck, dodge, or catch!

Evaluate options and implement solutions to protect the citizens from an alien attack, a giant bird infestation, and some hooligans who will stop at nothing to stain your uniform.

You will have everything you need to survive your shift: your trusty sling-shot, ray gun, and an arm that would make Babe Ruth jealous.

Don’t be a square! Check out this action packed game. It’s a real whiz bang!

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Developer: Wanda Kane Game Studio
Released: 03/28/2018
Genre: puzzle