Racing Simulator

The LedgeVR is proud to offer two racing simulators using Fanatec wheels and pedals and DoF Reality motion sim base stations. Race solo or bring a friend and see who can post the fastest lap. These aren’t your dad’s Crusin’ USA cabinets. These are the real deal racing simulators the pros use. The steering wheel will fight you, and the chair will give you the feeling of the g’s as you slam into a bank at 180mph.

Would you like to host a tournenment for you and your friends? Reach out and let’s set one up!

Races are available for $5 dollars and available to all players 10 and up. Race sims have a weight capacity of 275lbs.

Must be 10 years or older to use the racing simulators and some height restrictions apply

comfortable spectator seating
racing simulators
Comfortable spectator seating is available!

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