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Elizabethown's Virtual Reality Arcade.
Perfect for Birthday Parties, Date Nights, & Corporate Events.  Or Just having FUN!!


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Travel to new dimensions, fight zombies, interact with strange inhabitants; an experience so believable you will think you have fallen off the LEDGE of Reality!

Virtual Reality Gaming

About the Ledge VR

We are here to provide Elizabethtown, Kentucky with an exciting entertainment venue for the whole family!

Virtual reality gaming is exciting for children, teens, young adults and senior adults.  The special headset brings a new world to life right in front of you.  The advanced technology places you in different reality. In fact, you will actually feel like you have physically left the arcade room as you explore new worlds, fight demons, and interact with strange inhabitants.

Though you will feel like you are in another world, you will be in a safe 10 x 10 cubical where you will have space to move around.  You can play  alone, or with multiple players.  You will also have access to ALL of our games.

The Ledge VR is a family owned business.  The Ray family has a knack for knowing how to have fun.  This venue only made sense. With cutting edge technology, the latest VR games and a family-friendly environment, you are bound to laugh, move about wildly, and make new memories.  Book your visit now for an unforgettable experience.

For more exciting information please check out of FAQ page.

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What People are Saying

Senior Citizen with No Experience

Awesome !!!

I am a 60 something year-old female. I had NEVER played video games of any kind. I was urged to just try this venue. WOW! It was so fun! Not to mention, a good way to get your blood circulating. I highly recommend this place for a fun night out.


Career woman

Awesome !!!

What a way to work off stress of the work day! I recommend this fun place for career men and women of all ages.  If the moving about doesn't relieve stress, the laughing will!


Father of Handicapped Son

Awesome !!!

My 14-year old son has Asperger's so he sometimes has difficulty in social situations.  But when he puts on the headset and enters another world, he has a blast.  Don't be afraid to try this with your whole family.


Based on 26 reviews
Shae Tull
Shae Tull
February 10, 2023
Well thought out. Kid loves this place. Great prices & very helpful staff!
Jordan Stieve
Jordan Stieve
September 19, 2022
I had a very delightful experience! The games were great and the worker Brandon was very helpful while I was there. He even recommended me my favorite VR game! Would Definitely go back again and bring a friend.
Jae Murray
Jae Murray
September 18, 2022
Brandon Lee is #bestemployee #deservesaraise!!
Ismael Serrano
Ismael Serrano
July 20, 2022
My granddaughters had great time, first timers. Staff was awesome, patient and helpful. Came back two days later as pro's, thank you Ledger VR.
March 20, 2022
My kids loved it.. clean super friendly very informative..
Cameron Hall
Cameron Hall
March 12, 2022
I love this place so much. The guy with the young looking guy with the glasses is such a good cashier and he’s really helpful. I’m only 13 and I just got called their best customer. I really recommend the place if you want to have fun or tests our new games before you buy them.

Cost is per Station, not per Person
(Sales tax will be added)


(We are open later than the Towne Mall but the mall leaves the center doors open under the TOWNE MALL sign for our customers).

(10% discount available for military, first responders, seniors over 60 and those booking multiple stations.  Applied at check-out)


I'm not a gamer. Would I enjoy it?

Absolutley!! We have around 30 games to choose from to match your particular likes.  AND we have very friendly helpers to show you the ropes. Even our grandparents love it!

What exactly is virtual reality gaming?

With the aide of our high tech headsets and high-end graphics card (which are connected to our gaming desktop) , scenes that you can only image come to life.  Your full body and hands are the controller creating the interactive experience.  So shoot zombies, explore new worlds, race cars.   All in the safely of  a 10 x 10 cubical, of course.

Can I play games with my friends and family?

Yes!  We have multiple player games but you will need to sign up for more than one station as there is only one headset per booth. If only one booth is rented you and your friends can take turns during your session. Also, you can watch others play on our TVs hooked to every headset.   Or friends can just hang out in the rec lounge or play the race car station.

How many games can I play during my session?

As many as you want to choose from our selection of approximately 30!  The session is time-based, not games based.  Realistically you can play one to three games in a 30-minute session.

Are there any age restrictions?

No!  The younger children may need help adjusting the headset, but we have had all ages play successfully.

Can I wear my prescription glasses during my session?

Yes you can. Each headset is adjustable for a comfortable fit, with or without glasses.  However, most users that have glasses report that they can see without them in the VR headset.

Is this safe? Will I get motion sick?

The first answer is yes, it is safe.  You will be in a private 10 x 10 room without obstacles to run into.  Second, while some uses have reported slight nausea, it is rare.

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More Ways to Have FUN!

Hire a babysitter and do something different!

Plan your birthday parties, team building event OR purchase a gift card so someone else can enjoy the experience.



Racecar Station

Birthday Party, Awesome Date Night or Bachelor Party

Reserve one room or multiple rooms for up to 3 hours.  The hang-out lounge will be included.  Bring your own food and drinks.  Call for pricing. 270-234-5220.

Team Building with your Co-workers

Reserve the whole arcade for your employees to have a day away from the office for some great team building.  Let out the stress of the job by blasting zombies, climbing mountains or dodging aliens.  Bring your own food and refreshments.  Call for pricing. 270-234-5220.

Gift Cards for a Gift they Won't Forget

What better gift as one that provides so much fun. Purchase one hour or more.   Be sure to have the recipient check for available times and dates. Call or stop in for pricing. 270-234-5220



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